C2e develops state-of-the art anaerobic digestion facilities that provide economically sustainable pathways for the conversion of organic waste into renewable energy. Our experienced management team has identified and developed the success factors essential for the long-term viability and profitability of renewable energy projects.

C2e is currently developing three utility-scale anaerobic digestion facilities (the first being developed in North Carolina) that will make a meaningful impact on the environment and stimulate local economies in the areas where they are constructed. In aggregate, these facilities will divert approximately 3.3 million tons of organic waste from landfills and remove the equivalent of 67.4 million gallons of petroleum-based diesel fuel from the fuel supply each and every year.

When built, these anaerobic digestion facilities will be the largest of their type in the world. C2e chose the size of these facilities in large part to be able to fulfill the biogas demand of major utilities and Fortune 500 corporations.

“We’re using good science, good business and ethical people to build something genuinely viable. We decided to stop consulting and be the people making change.”

—Jerry Kovacich, Chief Operating Officer, C2e

Who Benefits?